Knud E. Hansen

Afbeelding: © Knud E. Hansen


Founded on 1. November 1937, the story of KNUD E. HANSEN has in many ways been the story of naval architecture itself over the past 75 years. The company has both experienced and been at the forefront of many of the dramatic changes in commercial ship design that have taken place in that period, during which economic pressures and new technologies transformed the looks and capabilities of the vessels that traverse our seas and oceans.

Thousands of vessels

KNUD E. HANSEN has left its mark on thousands of vessels since it was first founded. Here we list the major projects on which we have worked over those years, starting in 1937 and taking the reader right up to the present. The record encompasses an exceptional variety of vessel types ranging from the largest and most elegant cruise ships of their day to the latest ferries, container carriers and tankers.

Projects of historical interest

Find out more about some of the innovative vessels that have come from the drawing boards and computer terminals of KNUD E. HANSEN over the past 75 years. Our output has included almost every type of commercial vessel as well as luxury yachts, with each designed to match the budget and operational requirements of her owner.


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