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BWSC operates its business from its Head office in Denmark, north of Copenhagen, and through a number of subsidiaries.

BWSC employs more than 600 employees globally, 300 of which are located at the head office. The remaining staff are located at project sites around the world and is involved in construction, commissioning or Operation and Maintenance (O&M) of power plants.

Matrix organisation

BWSC operates as a project-oriented matrix organisation.
In addition to access to a complete project team, our clients maintain a primary point of contact through a Key Account Director responsible for a given client.

Project teams are headed by a Project Manager who has overall technical and commercial responsibility for the project. Once the construction phase begins at site, a site construction team is assembled including a Site Manager, a number of supervisors and construction engineers.

The Site Manager has overall responsibility for all activities on the site. The project team and the site construction team work closely together until the project is handed over to the client. O&M projects are typically headed by a power plant manager or a resident engineer on site.

Depending on the size of the O&M project, a local organisation is established. The O&M project is backed up by technical support and project management.

As part of our working methods, we strive to transfer our experience and expertise to the client.


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